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Handy Sites for Guitar Players

I found a couple of practical sites that may be of interest to guitar players.


The first is a chord finder called

I refer to this site often and used it to identify and designate all the “weird” chords that are listed under the songs tab on the Deep Is The Well Website. What’s different about this site  – and why I really like – it is because it is very interactive and brain-dead simple to use. From a single screen page it shows you the neck of the guitar and allows you to create a fingering diagram of any conceivable chord by clicking and dragging the “dots” (representing your finger placement) to any fret or string. Hit the search icon and viola! Continue reading

Beauty’s in the Eye of the Beholder…

I got sucked into a conversational vortex not long ago with someone to whom I am only marginally acquainted – a friend-of-a-friend kind of thing – the type of situation that can be, well… awkward.  It was at a charity event that I wasn’t comfortable attending in the first place, but I had made a commitment to go.  The stilted small talk centered on the topic of the most scenic roads in America that we had ever driven.  The woman next to me mentioned California’s Pacific Coast Highway, and she relentlessly waxed nostalgic about Monterey, San Louis Obispo, and Big Sur; the picture-perfect towns, the towering pines and the dramatic views of the ocean, all to the head-bobbing approval of the wine-wielding patrons-of-the-arts gathered around her.  Then, to be polite she turned to me and asked what my favorite drive was. Continue reading