Piping It In – May 2013

This month witnesses the release of what has to be considered the most ambitious CD
in recent memory. The CD is called “Deep is the Well” and it comes to us from Kevin
O’Donnell, an artist we have unfortunately not heard much from in recent years. Kevin
was the lead singer of the Irish American

folk group Arranmore and it was his butter
smooth baritone that most of us remember when we remember that band. After a 15 year
hiatus from playing Irish music, Kevin has released this masterwork which plows new
ground on a number of levels. Much of Irish music deals with the upheaval of coming
to a new land but seldom is anything heard of the subsequent generations and what
happened to them on their journey toward the American dream. Kevin has dealt with this
omission by creating a fictional Irish American family and detailing the struggles of not
only the first to come over from the old country but of those generations that followed
and their adventures in America’s story. The history of the Fagan family from 1837
through today is the story of many of us whose ancestors arrived here awhile back.

Produced by Irish music legend Maurice Lennon, the CD features the musical talents of
Maurice, Jim DeWan, Finbar Furey, Larry Gray, Kathleen Keane, Bill Lamphier, John
Rice, John Williams, Jessica Willis, Haley O’Donnell and, of course, the majestic voice
of Kevin O’Donnell. Three years Kevin labored on this masterwork, writing all the songs
and crafting the story through the song. So here is the story of the Irish American family,
their adventures, their heartaches, their triumphs. I can safely say, from experience, that
the more you listen to this recording, the more you’ll be drawn into the stories Kevin tells
here. In the extensive liner notes, in addition to complete lyrics, is a Fagan family tree to
help you place the songs and stories historically. I have seldom seen a CD that was such
an artistic whole, that told such a comprehensive and complete story and that held my
interest so completely. Get yourself a copy and let master storyteller Kevin O’Donnell
weave his magic around you. It will be a trip you’ll remember.


– By Jack Baker – May, 2013